Fall 2019 ~ Women’s Writing Groups 

Fall 2019 ~ Women’s Writing Groups 
“One day it’s the clouds,
one day the mountains.
One day the latest bloom
of roses—the pure monochromes,
the dazzling hybrids—inspiration
for the cathedral’s round windows.
Every now and then
there’s the splendor
of thought: the singular
idea and its brilliant retinue—
words, cadence, point of view,
little gold arrows flitting
between the lines.”
~ Thomas Centolella
(Watercolor by Meganne Forbes) 
Ten Tuesday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning September 24
Cost: $650 (Deposit ~ $250)
Ten Wednesday Evenings 5:30 ~ 8: Beginning September 25
Cost: $650 ~ (Deposit ~ $250)

Ten Thursday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning September 26
Cost: $650 ~ (Deposit ~ $250)
Janet Lucy, MA, is an award-winning writer and poet, the author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of Age and The Three Sunflowers, an award-winning children’s book, and the bilingual version, Los Tres Girasoles.  Her latest children’s book, Mermaid Dreams, is available now, and coming soon in bilingual form. She has been a contributor to Mamalode, Mothering, Natural Solutions, The Sun, Skirt! and Real Travel magazines. Janet is the Founder of  “Women’s Creative Network” in Santa Barbara, CA, where she offers intuitive and creative consulting for spiritual and professional development, facilitates women’s weekly writing groups, as well as international women’s writing retreats. Janet loves to share her divine inspiration with other women. 

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