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Janet Lucy, MA, is an award-winning writer and poet, and the author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of Age (First Edition, Fair Winds Press, 2002; Second Edition, Publishing by the Seas, 2011), The Three Sunflowers (Publishing by the Seas, 2012), a bilingual version, Los Tres Girasoles ~ The Three Sunflowers  (Publishing by the Seas, 2017), and the newest publications, Mermaid Dreams (Seven Seas Press, 2019) and Sueños de Sirena / Mermaid Dreams (bilingual)She has been a contributor to Mothering, Mamalode, Natural Solutions, The Sun, Skirt! and Real Travel magazines. 

Janet holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University and a California Teaching Credential from UC Santa Barbara. She is the Founder/Director of Women’s Creative Network (WCN) in Santa Barbara, California, a consulting business emphasizing intuitive, creative and professional development through writing. Janet offers individual consulting & counseling, weekly writing groups, workshops, and international writing retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, and Italy (Tuscany & Sicily). Janet is also the Communications Director at Seven Seas Press, a Santa Barbara non-profit publishing company.

Janet Sola with Sunflowers

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3 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. Hi Janey,
    I just listen to the podcast on women in depth and was so empowered and ignored by listening. I have so many thoughts and feelings that resonate with what you said and just wanted to send my gratitude for your words. I hope in my own practice as a trainee art psychotherapist I will be able to reach out so many people and help them on their journey just like you. You truly are an inspiration.

    Kindest wishes,

    Sarah x

  2. Thank you so much, Sarah, for reaching out … your affirmation of my work inspires my onward journey! Please continue to visit my website … I’ll have a new podcast up soon as well as other offerings. Many blessings to you on your heroine’s journey! XOXO

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