Soul Work

“Discover Your Gifts and Purpose” 

Intuitive Counseling & Consulting


Soul Work is the process

of remembering and reconnecting

with one’s true self,  the spirit or the soul.

Our true self, or soul, is  the part of us that knows

the truth about who we are, what we came here for,

our greatest potential, and is an infinite source of energy.


This energy, our life force

energy, constantly seeks creative expression,

movement, growth and expansion.

Every soul has it’s own unique path

and knows its direction and purpose.

In Soul Work, we reconnect with our souls,

the most powerful source of guidance that we have,

and from this connection we are able

to remember our purpose.


Soul Work is ideal for:

• Discovering one’s gifts and purpose

• Developing intuitive awareness

• Connecting with personal power

• Gaining clarity and perspective

• Enhancing communication

• Creating loving relationships

• Expanding creativity

• Manifesting visions and dreams

• Facilitating life transformations

• Living with joy


Why Soul Work?

Soul Work is a profound and enduring 

process of transformation.

Working at the soul level, we work with

our greatest source of energy, guidance and wisdom.

We work with the very blueprint of who

we are and the changes we make

are deep and lasting.


This unique process is

experienced through private sessions with by Janet Lucy.

She believes that working at the soul level

offers an opportunity for exponential growth

and accelerated transformation.

Janet has a unique gift. Her work is 

healing, inspiring and energizing.


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