MERMAID DREAMS ~ A Little Girl’s Undersea Journey with the Ocean Goddess Yemaya : 2020 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD

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Mermaid Dreams by award-winning author, Janet Lucy, and award-winning illustrator, Colleen McCarthy-Evans; Published by Seven Seas Press (Summer 2019)


Maya dreams of being a mermaid. She dances to Caribbean music in her favorite skirt her mama made of seven tiers of turquoise net. She dives for shiny coins in the pool at the park and can float on her back forever. But Maya also has nightmares and ocean fears. One night, mama tells her the legend of her namesake, Yemaya, the Goddess of the Ocean. Yemaya comes to Maya in a dream, taking her on an undersea journey. Mermaid Dreams illuminates the universal dreams and fears of children and adults alike, offering new ways to find courage and comfort, inner power and peace. Mermaid Dreams expands the mosaic of mermaid imagery so that more children can recognize themselves in this magical archetype. The luminous illustrations are vibrant and mystical. A Discussion Guide, Activities, and other Sources & Resources are included. A beautiful bedtime book for ages 4 ~ 8 and beyond. 


Mermaid Dreams is dedicated to all the world’s children who dare to dream.”


“A magical story about a young girl finding courage through a beautiful legend of her heritage and family history.  It will inspire young readers to believe in themselves and overcome their fears.” ~ Tanya Hansen, 1st grade teacher


“As a woman of color, a mother of a brown daughter, a children’s librarian, a writer, and a human being in this world, at last a dreamlike tale featuring a black goddess! Janet Lucy beautifully weaves the story of Maya, a real girl with real fears into the tale of the Ocean Goddess, Yemaya, who – as goddesses do – teaches Maya how to be brave and create magic in her world. Magic is what Mermaid Dreams gifts all children – and adults – who open its pages.” ~ Bird Mejia, author of Wild Woman at My Door & on YouTube teaching about magic in her own way


Mermaid Dreams is a beautiful story full of the rich culture of the Yoruba and wisdom of the Orisha Yemaya. Though written for children, adults will enjoy the amazing art and delightful writing.” ~ Ifalade TaShia Asanti-Yemoja Priestess, award-winning journalist & founder, Read Us Book Awards  


“In Mermaid Dreams, Janet Lucy tells the poignant story of Maya, a little girl who is afraid of the ocean, and her namesake Yemaya, the Goddess of the Ocean. But beneath the surface of Maya’s story is a reminder to the soul’s of women everywhere. Janet’s writing and Colleen McCarthy-Evans’ vivid illustrations call us inward to the deep wisdom within; reminding us of the significance of our dreams; of the value of going within; to pay attention to our intuition; to listen our inner voice; and to express ourselves authentically and powerfully.” ~ Lourdes Viado, PhD, MFT Jungian psychotherapist & host of the Women In-Depth podcast


“A magical story that gives voice to scary dreams and explores the power to change the ending. The discussion questions and activities at the end of the book create many opportunities to expand conversations about myths, dreams and personal power. Plus, who doesn’t wish to be a mermaid?” ~ Terri Allison, co-author, Moon Mother, Moon Daughter ~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girl’s Coming of age 


Mermaid Dreams is a gem!  Beautifully written and illustrated; it’s a story for us all! Janet Lucy’s choice of Yemaya, a mythical goddess/mermaid of color, is refreshingly powerful in challenging the blonde, blue-eyed mermaid stereotype, which invites the sea and all its magic to each of us, no matter the color of one’s skin. Using ancient storytelling, Mermaid Dreams gently guides and encourages us to explore our dream worlds as they may be a vessel in changing one’s own story and life. The Discussion Guide and Activities at the end of the book adds volumes to this insightful, wise, and engaging story. A real treasure for children, families, teachers, and counselors.” ~ Kristy Raihn, MA Clinical Psychology, mother, lover of the sea, community programs creator, Costa Rica


Kid quotes:

“ … It made me feel brave.”  ~ age 7

“ … It made me feel calm and happy.”  ~ age 6

“ … I learned to believe in myself.” ~ age 6

“ … It made me feel happy because she wasn’t scared anymore.”  ~ age 7

“… You can do anything in your dreams.” ~ age 7

“ … I want to go to the beach!” ~ age 6

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