Television Interview

I was honored to be interviewed by Marcia Meier on Santa Barbara’s Literary Gumbo, and grateful for the opportunity to talk about how I became a writer and the inspiration for my books.

Podcast: The Heroine’s Journey on WOMEN IN-DEPTH

This Podcast is presented on “WOMEN IN-DEPTH: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE INNER LIVES OF WOMEN” produced by Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT

Please click on the link to hear our conversation!

Podcast: The Wisdom of Mermaid Dreams on WOMEN IN-DEPTH

“Mythology and storytelling are age-old methods of passing along wisdom, sharing experience, and explaining or teaching about life.”

I gained so much insight from Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT, during this conversation on her program, “WOMEN IN-DEPTH: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE INNER LIVES OF WOMEN,” and was astonished by the depth and perception of her lens.

Some of the questions she asked:

  • What inspired you to write Mermaid Dreams? (3:14)
  • What is the significance of the Mermaid to you? (7:17)
  • How does the story in Mermaid Dreams depict the connection between mother and daughter? (12:46)
  • What coming-of-age concepts does Mermaid Dreams address? (14:15)

Click here: https://lourdesviado.com/112-the-wisdom-of-mermaid-dreams/

112: The Wisdom of Mermaid Dreams

Author Interview and Mermaid Dreams in Santa Barbara News Press

I so appreciated this generous article Marilyn McMahon from the Santa Barbara News Press wrote based on our interview conversation about the mermaid archetype, Milanie’s (Maya’s) story, the collaboration to create Mermaid Dreams, and the Creative Child Magazine “Book of the Year Award” Mermaid Dreams received. Colleen-McCarthy-Evans’ watercolor illustrations were splashed throughout!

Please click on link to read full article:

Podcast: “Divine Inspiration” on Divinity Unbridled

During this podcast co-created with Hannah Rose Childs of Divinity Unbridled on March 24, 2020, I talk about divine inspiration, hearing a true inner voice, the collective call to write, and how we tap into our wisdom in our women’s writing groups. I also share my experiences with the infinite realms, navigating the inner landscapes through finely tuned and felt listening, time traveling through intuition and imagination. We hope this offers new ways to embrace the mystery, surrender to the not yet known, and trust the wisdom of uncertainty.



“Connecting with the Divine through Writing”: A Conversation with Janet Lucy

I was delighted to be a guest on Martha Hines’ “Living the One Light” interview series. We talked about many of my favorite topics, primarily “Connecting with the Divine through Writing;” also, creating “silence, stillness and solitude,” hearing a true inner voice, the power and magic of women’s writing circles, and how I lens and guide “Divine Ink ~ Illuminating the Heroine’s Journey.” If you’re inspired, I’d love for you to listen … thank you! Love, Janet