Women’s Creative Network

… a place to connect with creative and adventuresome women who share a light-hearted and serious intent to explore and discover their creative gifts and callings. WCN offers the freedom and safety to reveal and open up to new dreams, ideas, and possibilities within a supportive community. 

Our Mission: “To ignite and inspire the creative spirit”

Opportunities and Services for Spirited Women:

Weekly Writing Groups for self-discovery and creative expression. 

Creativity Workshops to explore an idea, a dream or a passion.

Women’s Retreats to get away, relax, and deepen within the creative process.

Seasonal Rituals to celebrate the rhythms and opportunities of each season.

Soul Work to discover your gifts and purpose.

Writing Consulting from inspiration to publication.

International Adventures to inspire the creative spirit from new perspectives.

Dedication & Vision:

WCN was created in November 2001 by three women who shared a vision to collaborate and support other women’s creative dreams. WCN is dedicated to the memory of Melitta Slaught, whose spirit was the original spark that ignited the vision for a Women’s Creative Network. Special thanks to Laurie Dean and Colleen McCarthy-Evans for sharing the vision.

Founder/Director: Janet Lucy, MA, is a muse and visionary who sees the potential in the creative spirit. Janet has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Credential in Education. Her thirty years of professional experience include work as a therapist, teacher and consultant for groups and individuals of all ages and from a variety of cultures. Janet offers creative writing groups, workshops and consultations to inspire women to connect with their intuition and creative energy as they re-author their lives from divinely inspired new visions. She counsels in all areas of spiritual, creative and professional development. She is the author of two books and has been published in numerous magazines.

Janet Sola with Sunflowers


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