Spring 2022  ~ Women’s Writing Groups & Individual Offerings 



The moon is most happy
When it is full.

And the sun always looks
Like a perfect minted gold coin.

That was just Polished 
And placed in flight
By God’s playful Kiss.

And so many varieties of fruit
Hang plump and round

From branches that seem like a Sculptor’s hands.

I see the beautiful curve of a pregnant belly
Shaped by a soul within,

And the Earth itself,
And the planets and the Spheres—

I have gotten the hint:

There is something about circles
The beloved likes.

Within the Circle of a Perfect One

There is an Infinite Community
Of Light

(From: I Heard God Laughing: Poems of Hope and Joy,
renderings of Hafiz by Daniel Ladinsky)

Artist: Meganne Forbes ~ “Radiant Light”


:: Twelve Tuesday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning April  5

Cost: $895/ Deposit: $295 ~ Venue: Outdoor Patio 

:: Twelve Thursday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning April 7

Cost: $895/ Deposit: $295 ~ Venue: Zoom 


:: SUBSCRIBE to the 12-week seasonal writing group inspiration and prompts for a self-paced process

Choose: $295 ~ material, inspiration and prompts delivered weekly by email  

Or: $895 ~ material, inspiration and prompts plus personalized reflective feedback to your weekly writing 


Each season in the weekly writing groups we explore a divinely inspired relevant theme, facilitated by selected material (i.e., poems, passages, excerpts from other authors and guest muses), inspiring questions and prompts. There is material each week for three guided writings—a 20 minute warm-up write; a 30 minute deeper writing; a final ten minute quick write and closure. From week to week with an eye to the sky, we follow the rhythm of the season, circling the sun, aligning with astrological energy, sprinkling stardust, and guided by the lunar phases and cycles. This is how we tap into the most potent Divine Ink! 


:: INDIVIDUAL WRITING CONSULTING ~ “From Inspiration to Publication”

:: SOUL WORK ~ “Discover Your Gifts and Your Purpose”


:: “Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” ~ A guided, transformative eight-week journey through a deeply engaging one-to-one writing process (Click here for full details https://janetlucyink.com/online-writing-group-divine-ink-illuminating-the-heroines-journey/)

“Janet is the most loving guide and gentle way-shower a writer could ask for.  She has a gift for creating and holding such a safe space that your truth can’t help but feel protected emerging from the dark. Her reflections were honest and kind and her edits made me feel both seen and heard. When I set out on the seven-week heroine’s journey for the writer within, my intention was to allow my voice to come through and find its own rhythm.  What emerged were pages and pages of poetry and songs and a renewed faith in the power of words and women to heal ourselves and each other.” ~ Elske F 

“I had no idea this endeavor would quite literally be life changing. Each week I received inspiring literature to guide me and gently coax me to write my thoughts in response. I was completely surprised to hear the words that my soul spoke in answer to Janet’s insightful prompts. When I completed each section and emailed my piece, she lovingly witnessed it and returned it with her affirming comments, allowing me to feel heard and validated. Throughout the process, I gained confidence to pursue the dreams I had put aside. I have hence begun working on a book of my own and have ideas for several more projects. I have healed parts of myself that have been in turmoil for decades. It is often said that people come into our lives for a reason. Janet Lucy has honestly helped me to re-write my life.” ~ Deborah A

Cost: $1495 (payment plan available) ~ New openings each season 

Please contact me at: janet@thethreesunflowers.com for all inquiries