Divine Ink

Inspiration for Women 
Who Love to Dream and Dare to Write
Iridescent indigo-blue ink sparkles from within 
the translucent bottle. An aura of light
emanates from the clear container,
illuminating a warning label
affixed to the glowing glass.
“Warning!” It says.
“Divine Ink ~ Bottled at the Source
An unfathomable wellspring of energy, clarity and wisdom. This unique formula
has been known to inspire clear visions, daring dreams and extraordinary ideas.
Tapped from the Source, this enchanting elixir contains a gentle yet
powerful infusion to ignite the creative spirit in women.
Used regularly, you might even re-author your life.
For best results, use with a group of like-spirited women
who share an intent to discover and explore
their creative dreams through writing. 
Ideal for women’s retreats and workshops 
or for solitary sojourns by
courageous and adventuresome women.”

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