Under the Same Moon ~ Women’s Online Writing Group


Tent Under The Stars (Kathryn Beals)

Dear Women Under the Same Moon,

Thank you for your inspiring requests for an online writing group! I love the idea of women writing together under the same moon and strewn stars … near and far! ✍️🌙

How It Works

Each week you’ll receive an email with “Inspiration” (quotes, poems, and passages from the seasonal themes sources) and “Prompts” (open-ended phrases and questions) for three distinct writings: a 15 minute “warm-up,” a 30 minute opportunity, and a final 5-10 minute “quick write.” You are invited to write from all or any, then share with the group via email. Your writing will be “witnessed” (not edited or critiqued), and any feedback you receive will be reflective statements affirming what your group members liked, loved, enjoyed and felt the most. I love this part, and I will comment, too! You are not required to share any writing, or to comment if you are not authentically moved … though please keep in mind, there is much value, love, joy, and connection in the sharing both ways. 

A Note About Timing 

Each woman has the freedom to post any of her writing as she wishes, preferably within the week’s time in order to stay current … witnessing will be offered in a similarly timely manner. I’ll suggest a “deadline” within the week’s time frame, though there will also be flexibility within the eight weeks. I will provide clear guidelines for how to participate as a writer and a witness.

COST: TBD by number of weeks

Please email me if you’d like more information janet@thethreesunflowers.com

And feel free to wander around my website for a full menu of offerings and resources, including my TV interview and podcast about women’s writing: