The Heroine’s Journey

Find Your Calling * Transform Your Life * Celebrate The Journey 
Janet Lucy Guides and Teaches
The Heroine’s Journey ~ A Universal Feminine Path
The archetypal heroine’s journey is a universal feminine path, applicable to writing and the adventure of life, with distinct and essential stages. The heroine’s journey is a quest for adventure, transformation and self-discovery, and is an ideal blueprint for women’s fiction and memoir.
Seven Essential Stages of the Journey
In The Heroine’s Journey a woman first hears The Call to a new dream, desire, or passion. Something within her is awakened, and she knows that it is time to realize a life-long calling or sudden possibility, and she will need to journey both inward and outward in order to do so. The heroine must prepare for her journey by Gathering Allies—inner and outer resources of strength and support to assist her along the way. As she begins down the path she inevitably encounters Threshold Guardians, the voices of fear and doubt that threaten to divert her way and hold her back. Along The Road of Trials her courage and integrity are repeatedly tested as she develops her intuition and deepens her trust in herself. Persevering, she ventures into The Dark Forest, where she temporarily loses sight of her truth and purpose, and must rely on an internal compass—her intuition—to guide her, and blind faith to see her through. Finally, she steps out into the light at the end of the tunnel to receive her Boon, an unexpected gift or reward that carries her to her final goal and destination, Coming Home to success and celebration, and ultimately, her transformed self.
A Spiritual Path & Literary Model
The heroine’s journey is both a spiritual path and a literary model. Based on the call to adventure and transformation, the heroine’s journey is the quest plot model found in classic fiction and nonfiction—women’s memoir and the contemporary women’s literature in which the story is based primarily on a woman’s transformation. The spiritual/travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is a modern-day heroine’s journey, and the timeless classics, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland are also based on the heroine’s journey.

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