The Heroine’s Journey

Janet Lucy Guides and Teaches
The Heroine’s Journey ~ A Universal Feminine Path
The archetypal heroine’s journey is a universal feminine path, applicable to writing and the adventure of life, with distinct and essential stages. The heroine’s journey is a quest for adventure, transformation and self-discovery, and is an ideal blueprint for women’s fiction and memoir.
Seven Essential Stages of the Journey
In The Heroine’s Journey a woman first hears The Call to a new dream, desire, or passion. Something within her is awakened, and she knows that it is time to realize a life-long calling or sudden possibility, and she will need to journey both inward and outward in order to do so. The heroine must prepare for her journey by Gathering Allies—inner and outer resources of strength and support to assist her along the way. As she begins down the path she inevitably encounters Threshold Guardians, the voices of fear and doubt that threaten to divert her way and hold her back. Along The Road of Trials her courage and integrity are repeatedly tested as she develops her intuition and deepens her trust in herself. Persevering, she ventures into The Dark Forest, where she temporarily loses sight of her truth and purpose, and must rely on an internal compass—her intuition—to guide her, and blind faith to see her through. Finally, she steps out into the light at the end of the tunnel to receive her Boon, an unexpected gift or reward that carries her to her final goal and destination, Coming Home to success and celebration, and ultimately, her transformed self.
A Spiritual Path & Literary Model
The heroine’s journey is both a spiritual path and a literary model. Based on the call to adventure and transformation, the heroine’s journey is the quest plot model found in classic fiction and nonfiction—women’s memoir and the contemporary women’s literature in which the story is based primarily on a woman’s transformation. The spiritual/travel memoir, Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert is a modern-day heroine’s journey, and the timeless classics, The Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland are also based on the heroine’s journey.
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This Podcast is presented on “WOMEN IN-DEPTH: CONVERSATIONS ABOUT THE INNER LIVES OF WOMEN” produced by Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT

This is the partial dialogue …

91: The Heroine’s Journey: The Call to Transformation

“…A universal path, a divine feminine path, and…a universal quest for adventure, for transformation, for self discovery.”

This is how award- winning writer, teacher and consultant Janet Lucy, M.A defines the heroine’s journey. But what does that mean? Why does it matter? In what stages does it occur and how can we identify them?

Join us as Janet elaborates on the heroine’s journey, discovering one’s inner voice and courageously pursuing the path inward.

In this Podcast, Dr. Viado and Janet Lucy Discuss:

The origins, stages and meanings of the Heroine’s Journey
The triangle of false self beliefs
Finding and learning to listen to one’s inner voice
The beauty of The Dark Forest

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Welcome back!
4:40 – Janet joins us
5:25 – When did Janet’s Call come?
8:40 – Janet shares her first experience with her inner voice

10:40 – Soul Work
11:40 – A Community is Established
13 – What is the heroine’s journey?
17:55 – Forms of The Call

22 – Stages of the Heroine’s Journey

31 – The Dark Forest
37 – Coming Home


6:57 “I knew that to go onward in my life, I would need to go inward first and ask the very profound questions.”

7:20 “I really did follow my intuition because I didn’t have a model for how to do what I was being called to do, which was to create silence, stillness and solitude. Those were not familiars for me and yet I knew it’s what I needed and so that began my inward journey.”

8:40 “For the first time in my life I heard my own inner voice. It was a voice that was not familiar, I mean it certainly had the sound of my own voice but it had a very, very different resonance and I listened and I started writing.”

14:35 “I see the heroine’s journey as a universal path, a divine feminine path. And the stages of the journey are probably the ones that are the same as the hero’s journey but I have added to the stages in a way that I believe supports women’s quest…The heroine’s journey is a universal quest for adventure, for transformation, for self-discovery.”

16:45 “The opportunity that I see with the call is to listen…and sometimes it’s externally catalyzed…I think there are many universal catalysts that we share as women but the true journey, I believe, is inward, is internal.”

18:50 “In every moment of our lives we are on the heroine’s journey and we are in some stage of the heroine’s journey and maybe we’re in more than one stage..on more than one journey at a time, whether we’ve acknowledged that or not.”

20:35 “[The heroine’s journey] is a map, it is a blueprint…One, yes, it’s very inspiring, two, it’s so reassuring like ‘Oh, okay, so this is inevitable. You know, all these self doubts I feel, that’s the third stage of the journey.’”

21: “It’s essential that I illuminate my shadows of doubt. That’s how I go forward.”21:30 “The dark forest isn’t a scary or negative place. It’s really a place of great magic.”

23:50 “When I teach the heroine’s journey, I always present it as packing a spiritual medicine bag…Before we go forward, we pack that spiritual medicine bag because we’re going to be referring to it all along the way. ”

28 “The road of trials is our opportunity to be true to ourselves. I believe that’s so much of what the whole heroine’s journey is about…In order to go forward in the journey to really fulfill the call, the dream, we have to start making new choices and be more true to ourselves and that’s probably the most challenging stage on the journey.”

29 “It’s also so important for women to share this journey together, to be in the journey, on the journey together because we really need each other’s support.”

29:25 “Integrity and courage go hand in hand…it takes so much courage to be in a state of integrity and to be true to yourself.”

30:35 “That’s a really great compass to have in hand…am I being reactive or responsive and to start looking where each is centered because reaction is more fear based.”

30:40 “The road of trials will test our truth. And so everything we’ve gained and gathered will be put to the test.”

31 “Our inner fears will become interference if they’re not illuminated.” 31:50 “When we get to the dark forest, we’ve done so much of what we can…the dark forest is really where we surrender, we let go into the not yet known and I call this stage the divine faith because I think that’s really what one of the primary opportunities is.”

34: “The motivation or inspiration for even going into the dark forest is the faith that there will be some kind of a boon…there will be that A-HA moment, there will be a synchronicity or some kind of divine experience and we’re asked to hang out for as long as we do, you know, we can be in the dark forest for years.”

37:30 “It’s entirely possible that somewhere on the way we heard a new call so that’s already underway.”

41 “These circles become these really magical places where our intuition shows up and speaks through us.”

41:42 “I think that’s the true nature of the feminine. We are, we are really magical.”

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