Summer 2021 ~ Women’s Writing Groups & Offerings

“Lightly child, lightly. 

Learn to do everything lightly. 

Yes, feel lightly even though you’re feeling deeply. 

Just lightly let things happen and lightly cope with them. 

Throw away your baggage and go forward. 

Lightly my darling …”

~ Aldous Huxley, Island

(Artist Meganne Forbes, “Radiant Light”)


Summer theme: “Lightness of Being”

:: Seven Tuesday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning July 20 

Cost: $500 ~ Venue: Outdoor patio 

:: Seven Thursday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning July 22

Cost: $500 ~ Venue: Zoom 

:: Seven Wednesday Evenings 5:00 ~ 7:30: Beginning July 21 

Cost: $500 ~ Venue: Private backyard


:: “Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” ~ A Seven Week Individually Guided Journey through Writing 

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:: SUBSCRIBE to the seven week summer writing inspiration and prompts for a self-paced process.  

Choose: $150 (material only) or $350 (material plus reflective feedback to your writing) 

:: Individual Writing Consulting and Soul Work Consulting available by appt. Contact