Online Writing Group: “Divine Ink” ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey

Online Writing Group: “Divine Ink” ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey

Tent Under The Stars (Kathryn Beals)

“Divine Ink” guides and illuminates the heroine’s journey, a universal divine feminine path, essential to women’s writing and lives. This archetypal journey, distilled into seven distinct stages, is a spiritual path and literary model based on the call to adventure, transformation, and self-discovery. The Heroine’s Journey is the blueprint for women’s memoir and fiction.

During this eight-week course, we will articulate and affirm our individual callings as well as the collective call of women today. Together, we will set out on the heroine’s journey, each week exploring one of the seven distinct and essential stages with inspiration, guided writing activities and prompts. Women will learn to discern an authentic voice from the internalized shadows of fear and doubt, clearing obstacles that may have previously held them back; find inner and outer resources to support them through the inevitable tests and challenges of life; and discover uncertainty to be a powerful place of unforeseen possibility. Here is where we discover the “boon,” lighting the way home.

At the end of the journey, women will come home to a new knowing of themselves, the awareness that the journey is ongoing, and the map and compass within them.

Please note: Writing will be self-paced from week to week, and shared and witnessed respectfully via email. We are creating a supportive online sacred circle based on trust and honoring confidentiality.


Beginning Monday, February 1 for 7 weeks ~ Cost: $550

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To learn more, you can listen to my podcast, a conversation about the Heroine’s Journey with Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT on Women-in-Depth.