“Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey”: A Luminous Guided Journey through Writing

“I think that’s the true nature of the feminine. We are, we are really magical.” ~ Janet Lucy, from the Heroine’s Journey Podcast on “Women In-Depth: Conversations About The Inner Lives of Women” with Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT


Tent Under The Stars (Kathryn Beals)
(“Wonder”~Artist: Kathryn Beal)

Who am I now? Where am I going? What is my soul’s deepest desire? What is my “Divine Calling”?

The Heroine’s Journey is internal, external, ongoing and eternal. Our souls—our true selves—the blueprint and essence of who we are, continually seek growth, expansion, wholeness and evolution. We are each the character and heroine in our own evolving life stories, inspired by the challenges and opportunities in our lives.

“Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” is a unique distillation of the seven essential stages of the Heroine’s Journey, offered in a guided course through deep, transformative writing. “Divine Ink” guides and illuminates the Heroine’s Journey, a universal divine feminine path, essential to women’s writing and lives. No matter where you are, you’re always somewhere on the path. The awareness of the seven universal stages is reassuring and empowering. 

Would you like to listen to a Podcast preview? 

In this inspiring podcast facilitated Dr. Lourdes Viado, Ph.D., MFT on Women-in-Depth., I share the the divine feminine lens through which I guide and illuminate the seven “divine” stages of the Heroine’s Journey.

“Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” ~ The Course: A Luminous Path through Writing 

During this seven-week course, we articulate and affirm our individual callings as well as the collective call of women today. Each week we deeply explore one of the seven distinct and essential stages of the Heroine’s Journey. These are: 

The Seven Divine Stages of the Heroine’s Journey 

Stage One: Divine Calling ~ Hearing “The Call” of the Soul

Stage Two: Divine Assistance ~ Gathering Allies and Resources

Stage Three: Divine Illumination ~ Facing the Shadows

Stage Four: Divine Integrity ~ The Road of Trials

Stage Five: Divine Mystery ~ The Dark Forest

Stage Six: Divine Gratitude ~ The Boon! 

Stage Seven: Divine Celebration ~ Coming Home


Through the course women learn to identify and honor their true inner voice, and how to discern an authentic voice from internalized false-beliefs and the shadows of fear and doubt. With illumination of truth, we clear the interference and obstacles that may have previously held us back. Along the way, we find and carry inner and outer resources to support us through the inevitable tests and challenges of life. Entering the dark forest—the not yet known and mystery—we discover uncertainty to be a powerful place of unforeseen possibility. Here we learn the power of patience and await the “boon” that will light the way home. At the end of the journey, we come home to a new knowing of ourselves—radiant, empowered, intuitive and self-trusting—and the awareness that the journey is ongoing, and the map and compass are always within us. 

How The Process Flows: 

Each week you’ll receive by email a document filled with material pertaining to a stage of the Heroine’s Journey—questions for consideration, information, inspiration, and writing prompts (open-ended phrases to facilitate your writing). I suggest you write first in a journal, then invite you to send me anything you would like me to read, witness, and offer reflective feedback to illuminate your soul’s voice and truth. As soon as I’ve received and returned your writing, I’ll send you the next stage. Individualized, the pace is your choice. If you’d like, check in mid-way and upon completion with two one-hour Zoom calls.


COST: $995 ~ includes weekly material with inspiration, questions and prompts to explore each stage of the Heroine’s Journey; weekly deeply engaged, reflective writing feedback.

Add a one-hour Zoom meeting at the end or any time along the way: $250


Words of Insight about the Course from Past Participants: 

“I learned that I could write!” 

“I now know that I can drop into alignment and allow words to flow through me.” 

“The writing material and inspiration was perfect.” 

“Getting clearer on what is divine assistance for me … I’ve been using it consciously ever since.”

“I learned so much around my worth.”

“I’ve been through a kind of metamorphosis.” 

“I am changed. I am grown. In seven weeks it’s been phenomenal.” 

“Could I have become unstuck if this opportunity to be shepherded through this journey had not been available? I think not.”

“I’ve been reawakened.”

“I feel inspired, alive and ready for more.”

“I sense it’s the very beginning of something much bigger for me.”