“LISTENING TO THE FLOWERS” ~ A One-Day Retreat & Summer Solstice Celebration



A Summer Solstice Women’s Retreat & Revelry with Nature

with Eileen Cavanaugh & Janet Lucy 

Saturday, June 25, 1:00 ~ 5:00pm

“Unfold like a flower in the ease of the sun. Grow strong and beautiful, for with me, all is  beauty, all is harmony, all is perfection.” ~ Eileen Caddy, from God Spoke to Me

At Summer Solstice we celebrate the radiance of the sun, a slower rhythm, and the abundance of nature in full bloom. At Palomar Farm in Ojai, the flowers have reached their peak, bursting with beauty and wisdom. Here, we are called to gather and listen. Turning to the wheel of the year, we’ll affirm the creative process from “Seed to Celebration” and discover insights into our own soul’s callings and journeys around the sun. 

We invite you to join us for a luscious afternoon of writing, sketching and painting in the garden, where we’ll relax, receive and reveal the wisdom of the flowers.

Cost: $195 ~ A non-refundable fee will hold your space. Open to 8 women.

An afternoon of inspiration and imagination, facilitated writing, sharing, and witnessing; deep and expansive listening; light and cool refreshments. Bring a journal and a sketchbook. Watercolors provided. Take home a bouquet of wild, fresh flowers!

Location: Palomar Farm in Ojai, CA 


“Our Lady of the Abundant Garden” ~ Alana Fairchild

Eileen Cavanaugh is the owner and creator of Palmar Farm in Ojai, CA, where she celebrates the seasons and cycles of transformation. Eileen explores and expresses all realms of creativity through art, writing, and flower growing. She offers seasonal women’s writing circles, an Art & Garden Club for Kids, and teaches Kundalini Yoga under the shade of an old oak tree. Birds, dragonflies and butterflies swirl overhead, while her pup, Pancho, herds the chickens and tends to new kitten, Leroy. Follow the daily adventures @palomarfarm on Instagram, and visit: palomarfarm.com for a full menu of offerings. 

Janet Lucy, M.A., is an award-winning author of The Three SunflowersMermaid Dreams and co-author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter~ Myths and Rituals that Celebrate a Girls’ Coming of Age. Janet is the Founder of “Women’s Creative Network” in Santa Barbara, CA, where she offers intuitive consulting for spiritual and professional development, women’s weekly writing groups, and international women’s writing retreats. Janet guides and facilitates “Divine Ink ~ Illuminating the Heroine’s Journey,” a divine feminine path to transformation. Janet loves to share her divine inspiration with other women. Visit janetlucyink.com and follow @janetlucyink for offerings, updates and new book publications coming in summer and fall 2022.

PLEASE CONTACT US: eileen@palomarfarm.com ; janet@thethreesunflowers.com