Fall 2021 ~ Women’s Writing Groups & Offerings

“In the fields, she stopped 

and took a deep breath of fresh-scented air. 

It was dearer to her than her kin, 

better than a lover, 

wiser than a book. 

And for a moment she rediscovered

 the purpose of her life. 

She was here on earth 

to absorb its wild enchantment.” 

~ Boris Pasternak


Fall Theme: “Wild Enchantment”

The fresh scent of Fall calls us to our senses, portals to our primal nature. We women have our own unique instincts and magic, inherited from the Mother Herself. This Fall we’ll be guided and inspired by Her wild enchantments, as we remember our truest nature, rediscover our raison d’être, and let our divine ink light the way. ✨✍️✨

:: Twelve Tuesday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning September 14

Cost: $750 ~ Venue: Outdoor Patio

:: Twelve Wednesday Afternoons 2:30 ~ 5:00: Beginning September 15 

Cost: $750 ~ Venue: Backyard Oasis

:: Twelve Thursday Mornings 10:00 ~ 12:30: Beginning September 16

Cost: $750 ~ Venue: Zoom 



:: SUBSCRIBE to the twelve week fall writing inspiration and prompts for a self-paced process ~ two options:  

  1. Receive the inspiration and prompts each week via email, choose what calls to you and write at your own pace for your personal process, spiritual self-discovery and deepening writing practice.

Cost: $250

  1. Receive the inspiration and prompts each week via email, choose what calls to you and write as much as you’d like and send it back to me for witnessing, reflective feedback, and additional inspiration and ideas.

Cost: $500


:: “Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” ~ A Seven Week Individually Guided Journey through Writing 

Who am I now? Where am I going? What is my soul’s deepest desire? What is my “Divine Calling”?

The Heroine’s Journey is internal, external, ongoing and eternal. Our souls—our true selves—the blueprint and essence of who we are, continually seek growth, expansion, wholeness and evolution. We are each the character and heroine in our own evolving life stories, inspired by the challenges and opportunities in our lives.

“Divine Ink ~ Illuminating The Heroine’s Journey” is a unique distillation of the seven essential stages of the Heroine’s Journey, offered in a guided course through deep, transformative writing. “Divine Ink” guides and illuminates the Heroine’s Journey, a universal divine feminine path, essential to women’s writing and lives. No matter where you are, you’re always somewhere on the path. The awareness of the seven universal stages is reassuring and empowering.

(Click here for full details https://janetlucyink.com/online-writing-group-divine-ink-illuminating-the-heroines-journey/


:: Individual Writing Consulting and Soul Work Consulting available by appt. Contact janet@thethreesunflowers.com